About Perspective Joinery & Construction

About Perspective Joinery & Construction

We have evolved from a joinery shop to a design studio specialising in construction detailing, setting out and product design for high-spec joinery and energy-performance construction.

Specialist construction requires specialist design. Contractors and manufacturers ambitious for high-spec, high performance (and sometimes just highly unusual) projects frequently need the services of specialist designers with a background in manufacturing and ‘site-work’ who can diagnose potential problems, detail solutions, communicate clearly and generally make things work.

Main contractors commission independent ‘shop drawings’ that are not otherwise forthcoming from subcontractors.  This helps them to program and coordinate the project.

Subcontractors commission ‘feasibility’ and ‘sketch proposal’ drawings and visualisations for a better design dialogue with the main contractor, client or local authority.

Self-Builders need detailed construction drawings, plus fully build-able Planning and Building Regulation drawings.

Great visions are often compromised for lack of being worked out and detailed in drawings that the entire project team can discuss and deliver.